Ongoing maintenance is vital to the success of any website and is an essential focus of an online marketing plan. A well maintained website attracts more new customers and keeps existing customers coming back. Studio88 works behind the scenes to update your calendar and graphics; maintain your e-commerce program; and check your site’s vital statistics to ensure your business attains its highest level of credibility and visibility on the Internet.

We know that website maintenance isn’t a one size fits all task, so we work with clients to develop a customized program to meet your needs and budget. We offer two types of professional website maintenance to suit the needs of both new and returning small business customers:

Ongoing Website Maintenance Plan
If your website contains items that need regular, periodic updates, we recommend an Ongoing Website Maintenance Plan, which typically includes calendar updates, statistics, graphics updates, and e-commerce site management. Studio88’s monthly maintenance plans are very economical, and depending on the complexity of your Website, ongoing maintenance fees can start at as little as $50/month.

On-demand Website Maintenance
Websites that need minor or infrequent updates can opt for on-demand website maintenance.

Contact us to discuss your business needs for website maintenance. We’ll look forward to working with you to formulate a plan that is cost-effective yet optimizes your web presence.